A pirate comes home at Pirates Voyage

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) Chad Bagwell started acting at a very young age. He grew up on the stage of “The Theater of the Republic” in Conway before attending Coastal Carolina University.

Pirates4After traveling all over playing many different roles he returns to the Grand Strand bringing a childhood story to life during performances at Pirate’s Voyage Dinner and Show.

“Who didn’t want to be a pirate growing up,” Bagwell said. “Who didn’t pretend once or twice that you were sword fighting.”

That fairy tale dream is a real life reality for Chad or as you will know him Calico Jack. Swashbuckling is what he does for a living.”

“I love what I do,” Bagwell said from the pirate ship where he performs.

You quickly find yourself falling into this story book night as Calico Jack leads the packed house of over a thousand people in different competition.

Pirates1“Just because i say so they cheer and that is absolutely exhilarating,” Bagwell said.

Whether he’s working the extremely entertaining pre-show musical routine or swinging across the watery depths amidst cannon fire explosions, he seems right at home at least on the surface that is.

“You overcome these fears that you or me Chad the actor is absolutely terrified but Calico Jack the Pirate is not at all. This is his place, this is his bay, that’s his ship, he knows exactly what he’s doing,” Bagwell said

Chad says he gets a little bit of stage fright before every performance but he feels that is a good thing.  It’s those stunts that give him the most nerves because he had never attempted anything like that in previous roles.

Whether he’s teaching a new pirate language, leading a conquering song or maybe just forcing someone to walk the plank; it’s a role he relishes especially because he plays it in the same area he grew up in.
Pirates6“To be able to do what you love, it’s not just a job. If you really can do what you love to do I know it’s old saying but you really don’t work a day.”

The actor says he loves interacting with children before and during the show. He says there is something special about watching their eyes come alive as they see their favorite pirate stories come to life.

He says his mother took him to his first audition and from the time he got on the stage he has never wanted to leave.

Pirates5Calico Jack and his band of pirates perform at Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show. Click here for more information on show times.

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