Florence City Council votes to move controversial WWI monument to Veteran’s Park

Florence, SC (WBTW) – For the last few months, Florence city leaders and the public has discussed moving the WWI monument to the Florence Veteran’s Park.

On Monday, Florence City Council spent almost two hours discussing whether to move the monument or not during their monthly meeting.

Council voted 4-3 to move it to the veteran’s park.

“Most of us that were involved in this from the beginning thought we were really doing something neat that was non-controversial and when it became controversial I think the Mayor and city council followed the appropriate path,” said Barry Wingard, Chairman of the Florence Veteran’s Park Committee.

The monument will move in its original form but also have a separate plague on it to provide some context surrounding “colored enlisted” and “white enlisted.”

According to City Manager Drew Griffin, it will take roughly $6,000-$10,000 to make a separate plague.

However, there were a few council members who were very passionate about not moving it because they say it’s offensive

The process will begin to figure out how to complete the move.  As of now there is no exact timetable.


“Actually we were literally 3 days away from completing the move when all of this blew up.  This began last March and we had set-up to move the last piece of the monument in September, early September,” Wingard explained.

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