Have You Heard – October 25, 2015

Have You Heard, today (10/25) marks 60 years since something most of you have in your home was first introduced for personal use.
On October 25, 1955, Tappan introduced the first, in-home microwave oven.
Raytheon built the oven, but it didn’t sell very well.
First of all, it was larger than modern-day microwaves. Some of the early models were six-feet tall and weighed 750 pounds.
The ’55 Tappan was also expensive. It sold for $1,295. That’s equivalent to more than $11,000 today!
Now you can get a small, basic microwave for about $65. That’s about seven dollars in 1955!

Barbra Streisand had five number-one hits in the U.S. The last of those five, “Woman in Love,” hit the top spot 35 years ago today.
Barry and Robin Gibb of the Bee Gees wrote the song. It was also the only Streisand hit to hit number-one in the U.K.

Benjamin Oliver Davis became the first African-American General in the U.S. Army 75 years ago today (10/25/1955).
Brigadier General Davis served in the Spanish-American War, World War One and World War Two.
Gen. Davis’ son was also a trailblazer and an American hero.
Benjamin O. Davis, Jr., was the first African-American Air Force General and led the famed Tuskagee Airmen in World War Two.
The younger General Davis died at the age of 89; the elder at the age of 93.
Both father and son are buried at Arlington National Cemetery.

Hall of Fame basketball coach Bob Knight is 75 today.

Today is also International Artists Day, Greasy Foods Day and Mother-in-Law Day!

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