Local artist displays art made from blue jeans

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Artist Jim Arendt joined News13 NOW on Tuesday to talk about some of his artwork that is currently on display in Myrtle Beach. Arendt’s work transforms blue jean denim into exhibition pieces.  Watch the video for more details.

The following is from the Burroughs & Chapin Art Museum, which is display’s Arendt’s work until January 7, 2016:

Indigo: Works in Denim by Jim Arendt

September 29, 2015-January 7, 2016

Indigo, second to rice, was one of South Carolina’s most important cash crops during the colonial period, as its leaves could be processed and fermented to yield a blue dye. It is with indigo dye that denim gets its blue color. For Myrtle Beach artist, Jim Arendt, Assistant Professor and Gallery Director at Coastal Carolina University, denim “is tinged with the bitterness of the work of enslaved Africans, who produced the valuable blue due of indigo.” As an artistic medium, denim becomes a vehicle for people to think about our relationship with work and labor and how it shapes our lives. Indigo is a celebration of the tenacity and resilience of people and exhibits Arendt’s life-size portrayals of friends and family members, which are constructed of layered, cut pieces of varying shades of denim.


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