New evidence about the benefits of eating right

CBS News – Starting a healthy diet as a young adult may have long term benefits. Research in the Journal “Circulation” says eating more fruits and vegetables may keep arteries free of heart disease 20-years later. In fact, those who ate the most produce had 26-percent lower odds of developing calcified plaque later in life. SOURCE – Circulation/MedDay/CBS

New studies suggest doctors should consider cutting back on some of the medications they prescribe to seniors. Research in JAMA Internal Medicine focused on diabetes patients over the age of 70. It found that medications to reduce blood sugar or blood pressure can actually increase the risk of dizzy spells, leading to confusion and falls. SOURCE – JAMA Internal Medicine/MedDay/CBS

A national task force recommends all obese adults between the ages of 40 and 70 be screened for abnormal blood sugar. It says those with high levels should be referred for intensive counseling to promote a healthy diet and exercise. SOURCE – Annals of Internal Medicine/MedDay/CBS

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