Shetland Lane residents want traffic light installed

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – According to the South Carolina Highway Patrol, 45 people died on the roads by this time last year in Horry county. This year, that number is already up to 67 and there’s still several weeks left in 2015. One of those deadly crashes happened right off the Highway 17 Bypass near Shetland Lane.

Troopers closed the southbound lanes for more than an hour as crews tried to clear the fatal crash scene on Friday. Investigators recreated the accident. Resident who live just off of Shetland Lane say Friday’s crash wasn’t the first one they’ve seen, leaving many asking how many people have to die before something is done about this intersection?

According to the department of public safety, two people have died so far in this intersection. Residents and business owners say there needs to be a traffic light installed, but right now there aren’t any plans for that.

“I think about it every time there is a lot of traffic. I go around to the light. It’s not going to take you an extra three minutes and you’re going to be safe and it’s worth it. Those three minutes are worth a life,” said Leticia Pendergrass, Shetland Lane business owner.

According to the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, 95 crashes have occurred since January along the 17 Bypass from the entry point of Highway 501 near Coastal Grand Mall to the Backgate area. Of those 95 crashes, 25 were reported near Shetland Lane. Two of those were deadly.

Trooper Sonny Collins reports the main factors causing these wrecks are drivers pulling out in front of oncoming traffic or following too close to other cars. He said if people were more aware and didn’t take so many chances to get into the median, the number of crashes would likely go down.



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