Hartsville begin mosquito spraying, residents say drainage issue is the cause

HARTSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – As mosquito populations continue to grow, the city of Hartsville is trying to mitigate the problem.

Crews were out working Friday evening to spray in different areas across the city.

But residents in the City of Hartsville say they’re getting hit hard by the insects and until drainage issues are fixed spraying won’t help.

According to the Department of Health and Environmental Control there are more than 60 different species of mosquitoes in South Carolina.

Tina Smith says she doesn’t know if the spraying will help because the amount of standing water that came after last month’s rain only made the problem worse.

Sandra Asencio has been living in Hartsville more than 20 years and she says she has never has seen so many of the insects.

“I’ve seen them all. I’ve seen the small and big mosquitoes. We could be sitting outside in the evenings and they just like swarm all over the place,” mentioned Asencio.

But Asencio says any help will be greatly appreciated.

“It’ll probably never be eliminated but at least it’ll help it,” said Asencio.

DHEC suggests these precautions for protecting yourself from any mosquito-borne illness:

  • Use a mosquito repellant containing DEET while outdoors
  • Remove all sources of standing water around your home to prevent breeding
  • Wear loose, light-colored, long clothing to cover arms and legs while outdoors
  • Avoid peak mosquito times such as dawn and dusk

The City of Hartsville will be monitoring  local mosquito activity to determine if additional treatment is needed.



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