‘Porch lights on for Baby Grace’ honors 5-month-old found in creek

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A small South Carolina town is getting support during the grieving process after the body of a 5-month-old baby girl was discovered in a creek Thursday afternoon. Hundreds of people throughout the Carolinas are turning on their porch lights.

A Facebook movement is honoring baby Grace Carlson Santa-Cruz. The infant was reportedly taken into a Socastee creek Tuesday morning by her mother and left in the water. Rescue teams found Baby Grace’s body just 50 yards from where her mother entered the water, police say.

"RIP Baby Grace ❤," posts Crystal.
“RIP Baby Grace ❤,” posts Crystal.

Grace’s mother, Sarah Lane Toney, told police she lost the child in the water when a current caught her and she “couldn’t hold on to [Grace].”

Family, friends and complete strangers are now showing their love for Baby Grace by leaving on their porch light Friday night.

Many posts to the social media site depict people praying, mourning or remembering the baby girl who has touched so many.

Linda in Hartsville, SC writes, “My porch light is on for baby grace. God gained another angel may u rest lil one we all miss u even no I didn’t no u rip.”

“Porch light on for baby Grace!” comes from Tammie in Darlington, SC.

"If you guys hadn't heard thru the 9th leave your porch lights on for the beautiful little baby Grace," writes Teri, of Florence, SC.
“If you guys hadn’t heard thru the 9th leave your porch lights on for the beautiful little baby Grace,” writes Teri, of Florence, SC.

Shelvie in Myrtle Beach, SC posted a photo of her illuminated porch light, saying, “Porch lights burning for Baby Grace.”

Facebook users are encouraging anyone who reads the story of Baby Grace, to burn a light in her memory Friday evening.

“Front porch lights on for Baby Grace…let’s make this go all over the world. You are with the angels now,” concludes Debra in Myrtle Beach.

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