Have You Heard – November 10, 2015

Have You Heard, the U.S. Marine Corps turns 240 years old today (11/10).
Since this was before the United States gained independence, the Corps was created as the Continental Marines and established by decree by the Second Continental Congress.

The Great Wall of China was built more than 2,000 years ago but the communist government only opened it to tourists 45 years ago today.

The largest ship to ever sink on the Great Lakes went down during a Lake Superior storm 40 years ago today.
The freighter SS Edmund Fitzgerald went down with a full cargo of iron ore.
All 29 crew members were lost.
The following year, Canadian singer Gordon Lightfoot’s “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” hit number-two on the U.S. charts and number-one in Canada.

Mariah Carey has had 18 number-one hits in the U.S., second only to the Beatles.
Her second #1 was “Love Takes Time” and it the top of the charts 25 years ago today.

Miranda Lambert has four number-one Country hits. She’s 32 today.

Richard Burton was born 90 years ago today (11/10/1925) in Wales.
Burton had 7 Oscar nominations but never won.
He died at the age of 58.

Major Henry Wirz was one only two Confederates to be executed for war crimes after the Civil War.
Major Wirz commanded the prison near Andersonville, Georgia, and even though some feel he was wrongly tried and convicted, he was hanged 150 years ago today.
Wirz was 41.

“Sesame Street” debuted on PBS 46 years ago today.

Today is “Young Readers Day.”

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