“Big Sweep 2” a successful sequel for cleaning the streets

Volunteer Cleaning for the Big Sweep 2

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) – Dozens of volunteers tidied up some Myrtle Beach streets on Saturday for the city’s “Big Sweep 2.”

The Myrtle Beach Downtown Redevelopment Corporation launched the community clean- up event.

The sweep’s main goal is getting people who live here, invested in the area.  Saturday’s event is the sequel to a similar clean-up event held in the spring.

“We did it on a weekday the first time, so this time we were able to you know grab some people that we normally wouldn’t during the week,” said organizer Lauren Clever.

Clever is the executive assistant for the Downtown Redevelopment Corporation, she says holding it on the weekend meant a lot more kids lending a helping hand, on their day off from school.

“We had our boy scouts that came out, troop 899 and they walked the entire boardwalk, beginning to end,” said Clever.

“The scouts are big on leaving no trace, picking up behind you and leaving the community better,” added Jon Bornfriund, whose son is a scout.

The scouts even brought their own reinforcements, “we said we should do it as a family, it’s more fun,” said Bornfriund.

Eight teams of volunteers scoured the entire D.R.C. district, from 6th Avenue South through 16th Avenue North.

“It’s a very positive feeling to live here, that people do care about their town,” said volunteer, Cristie Vereen.

Organizers say it was their goal to bring people together towards a common cause, “I think it’s important our community sees it, and our business owners work towards cleaning the area, I mean this is where everybody lives and works and plays,” said Clever.

Even if taking back the town from trash is a seemingly never-ending ordeal, volunteers say it still leaves the right impression on future generations.

“We try to get them to clean up behind them and leave the world a better place for everyone,” said Bornfriund.

Organizers say they plan on future “big sweep” events in Myrtle Beach, count on News13 to keep you covered on those dates.

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