Have You Heard? – November 24, 2015

Have You Heard, today (11/24) marks 52 years since Jack Ruby shot and killed Lee Harvey Oswald, just two days after Oswald shot and killed President John F. Kennedy and Dallas police officer J.D. Tippitt.
Oswald was 24.

98 years ago today, someone left a package at a church in downtown Milwaukee.
A boy took it to the Milwaukee police station and it was there that it exploded.
That explosion killed nine Milwaukee police officers.
That made November 24, 1917, the second-deadliest day in U.S. law enforcement history.
The first-deadliest was September 11, 2001.
Whoever planted the Milwaukee bomb was never caught.

D.B. Cooper has never been found.
44 years ago today, after extorting $200,000 ($1.17 million in today’s money), Cooper parachuted out of a commercial aircraft over the Pacific Northwest.
Authorities think Cooper died but the case remains open.

Queen lead singer Freddie Mercury was 45 when he died of AIDS in London 24 years ago today.

65 years ago today, a blizzard hit 22 eastern states, killing 353 people and dumping record snowfall in a number of places.
NOAA has a scale that rates winter storms and that scale rates this storm as the worst in recorded U.S. history, the equivalent of a category 5 if this were a hurricane.
Some parts of West Virginia got more than four feet of snow; winds in New Hampshire topped 100 mph.
The temperature dropped to 17 degrees in Charleston, SC, an all-time low for the month of November.

That same day (11/24/1950), Stanley Livingston was born in Los Angeles.
Livingston is best known for his role as “Chip” in the TV show My Three Sons.

Peter Best is best known as the Beatles’ first drummer.
Ringo Starr took his place in 1962.
Best is 74 today.

Former NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue is 75.

Today is “Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day.”

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