County leaders hope Marlboro Medical Complex helps to rebuild ‘medical community’

BENNETTSVILLE, SC (WBTW) – In March, News13 was there as Marlboro County leaders and Scotland Health Care System broke ground on a new 9,000 square foot medical complex in Bennettsville.

It’s now set to open in just a couple of weeks.

As the building process is almost complete, at the same time rebuilding is still underway.

“We lost our hospital and that was a tremendous blow to us and having the Marlboro Medical Complex opening is very exciting.  It’s a blessing for this community,” said Sully Blair, chairman of the Marlboro County Task Force.

Both Blair and Representative Pat Henegan are a part of that rebuilding process.

They serve on the Marlboro County Task Force, which was created to help to save Marlboro Park Hospital that eventually closed back in April.

“We thought of it as devastating but now we see the communication between all three entities.  It has been really great,” Henegan mentioned.

When Scotland Health Care System opens the $2.5 million medical complex it will be equipped with an urgent care facility.

OrthoCarolina Scotland and Marlboro Surgical Associates, and Scotland Imaging Services will also be a part of the project as it hopes fill the void of the once hospital.

“We realized the hospital was being utilized between 7a – 9p.  And now the doors will be open from 7a-6p,” Henegan explained.

“That’s how you rebuild your medical facility is through your physicians.  It’s a blessing to this community.  It shows that they are still committed to building our physician network and rebuilding our medical community here,” Blair added.

Both representative Henegan and Blair credit help from McLeod and Care South during the rebuilding.

As for the hospital, task force leaders will still work to bring one back.  The new complex will open December 15th.

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