Garden City property owners fund own beach renourishment

Beach Erosion

GARDEN CITY BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Erosion remains a huge problem on the Grand Strand. The next beach renourishment project isn’t scheduled until 2018, but some property owners can’t wait until then.

The Army Corps of Engineers and the Office of Ocean Coastal Resource Management have issued special permits to 15 property owners in Garden City, according to Dunes Realty Co- Owner Gairy Nichols.

The permits allow owners of property damaged by erosion to truck in sand, scrape sand or put up sand bags.

“We’re just trying to build it up to protect us, to get through the winter,” said Nichols.

Every Winter, Nor’easter storms pound the coast with high tides for 2-3 days.

Nichols says three houses inside Inlet Harbor are temporarily condemned because of erosion.

“The water is underneath the house and so you wouldn’t want to live there you certainly wouldn’t want to put a tourist in the house,” he said.

Nichols says the Army Corp of Engineers and the Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management assess the property and decide if it is in danger before issuing a permit. He says any new sand must be approved and projects are completely funded by property owners.

To apply for a special permit contact the Army Corps of Engineers at (843) 365-4239 or the Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management at (843) 846-9400.

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