Darlington group discusses what changes they want to see made in the city

DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – A group of concerned citizens met Wednesdaynight with city leaders in Darlington to talk about the future of Darlington and what changes they would like to see made in the city.

About thirty people showed up to that meeting and the downtown area of was one of the main topics.

Many people said they would like to see more businesses brought to the downtown area and more events held around the city to help generate revenue.

Some complained it takes city council longer than needed to get small tasks accomplished.

Newly elected city council member Bryant Gardner and city planning department leaders called the meeting.

They say it was an opportunity to hear what changes people want to see as we head into the new year.

“It’s a lot easier just simply for me to do my job if I’m listening to them versus doing what I think they want us to do. So, if I can get their opinions and get us face-to-face and not, let’s just say the words, keyboard warriors, then we’ll definitely get a better response and an idea of what the city as a whole wants,” said Gardner.

Gardner says he plans to take all of the concerns he heard in Wednesday night’s meeting to council when he officially takes his seat in January.

Several in the meeting referenced surrounding cities like Hartsville and Florence and what they’ve done to revitalize their downtown areas.

Now,t hey say it’s time for Darlington to do the same.

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