How breast cancer patients can prevent heart damage

CBS NEWS – Heart medicine and chemotherapy taken together can help women with early stage breast cancer prevent cardiovascular problems. Previous research shows some breast cancer medications significantly increase the risk of heart failure, but a new study finds that risk can be reduced when breast cancer patients combine heart drugs with chemo. SOURCE – University of Alberta/MedDay/CBS

British researchers are developing a new MRI that may help identify the most dangerous tumors before they spread. The test looks for tumors that are deprived of oxygen because that usually signals a cancer that is growing rapidly. SOURCE – Institute of Cancer Research/MedDay/CBS

Bariatric surgery, not lifestyle changes, is the best way to improve heart function for obese people. Thats according to researchers in Norway who found exercise and diet helped people lose weight but did not lower proteins levels linked to heart failure. SOURCE – European Society Cardiology/MedDay/CBS

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