One of the smallest schools in the Pee Dee makes biggest donation to Dillon County DSS

LAKE VIEW, SC (WBTW) – We may not have much, but we give with big hearts. That was the message that started the holiday program at Lake View Friday morning.

In a county where 42.9% of children live in poverty themselves, the school collected one of the biggest donations for Dillon County children in foster care this Christmas.

Altogether, students at Lake View collected 31 bikes, several hundred toys, and over 2,000 canned goods to give to families less fortunate around the county.

“With a 42% poverty rating, it’s hard to fathom how kids can do this, but they really care for it,” said teacher Matthew Ammons.

Students like Haley Miller say the donation shows how big the hearts are of students at her school.

“We’re not a big school, and we don’t have a lot of money like most of the schools around us, but I think for our numbers and for the amount of students we have, we do a very good job of giving,” said Miller.

Teachers say that’s because their students know what it’s like to have nothing.

“I feel that they understand. They see people hurt, and they want to help. I believe, with this community especially that I’ve seen, they’re really strong in their faith. They listen to what they hear on Sundays or what their parents tell them, and they really want to show that they want to mean something in this community,” said Ammons.

DSS representative CJ Webb says the donations are needed now more than ever.

“Sometimes we get a list and towards the end of it, we’re just wondering where the last bit is going to come from. So, this school does a wonderful job for us every year,” said Webb.

In a school where some have nothing, they’re giving everything they have to spread some cheer this Christmas.

The donations given at Friday’s program will be distributed by a group called the Johnson Foundation, a nonprofit organization that partners with DSS to take care of foster children in Dillon County.






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