Crews continue to work to alleviate flooding in parts of Marion County

MARION COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – Despite the warmth, flooding is still a big concern in parts of Marion County.

The National Weather Service says the Little Pee Dee River is at almost 11 feet due to recent rain.

The runoff from both the Little Pee Dee and Big Pee Dee River has essentially washed out roads, like the one on Knife Island Court in Marion.

“Listen, mother nature doesn’t take holidays.  The crews, they have been working all weekend and they were on this road until about midnight last night trying to maintain the road but as you can see these rivers, we can’t control these rivers,” stated Jerry Williams, Director of Marion County Emergency Management.

Williams and his guys have been working to help alleviate the overflow of problems countywide.

“It’s anywhere from 7-12 inches deep in some parts trying to get down to the river,” he said.

Many residents on Knife Island Ct. are staying put, but it’s not just the water on the roads that crews are worried about.

“There are signs up for road closures.  We’ve had a tendency of people trying to steal them or take them home,” Williams explained.

Floyd Johnson has a home on Knife Island Ct. and opted not to stay.  On Tuesday, he went back to check on his house and take his boat.

“I come down to cut the power off going to my air conditioning unit because it’s going to be under water if it goes up another 4 inches.  It could be worse. It could be worse.  If it stops where it’s at it will save a lot of heartache,” he said as he got ready to leave.

Crews are still working to fix flooded roads county wide and they’re hopeful that the water will recede into this weekend.


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