Have You Heard – December 30, 2015

Have You Heard, today (12/30) marks the 150th anniversary of English author/poet Rudyard Kipling’s birth.
Kipling was born in India and, among other things, became the first English-speaking winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature, which he won in 1907.
Kipling died in London in 1936 from a perforated ulcer.
He was 70.

The USSR died less than a week from its 70th birthday, which was December 30, 1922.

If former Monkee Davy Jones were alive, he’d be 70 today.
He died at the age of 66.
One of the three surviving Monkees, Michael Nesmith, is 73 today.

Baseball Hall of Famer Sandy Koufax is 80 today.

Tiger Woods is half that. He’s 40 today.

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Sonny Liston was “about 40” (there’s no official record of his birth) when he died 45 years ago today.
Liston’s probably most famous for losing to Muhammad Ali, which gave Ali his first professional title.

Ali’s daughter, boxer Laila Ali, is 38 today.

LeBron James is 31 today.

The deadliest single-building fire in U.S. history happened 112 years ago today (12/30/1903), when the Iroquois Theater burned in Chicago, killing at least 602 people.
The Iroquois had been open for fewer than two months when a suspected short circuit set a curtain on fire.
The theater was sold out, with more than 2,000 on hand for a matinee.
The fire quickly spread to the rest of the stage and then, when someone opened what turned out to be the wrong door, a huge fireball formed and engulfed a good part of the building.
Of the more than 600 victims, only five were members of the theater company.

The first color TV sets went on sale 62 years ago today (12/30/1953), even though virtually nothing was televised in color.
Admiral made the first color sets and they were expensive.
The price? About $1,175. That’s more than $10,000 in today’s money.
Because of the price, color sets didn’t outsell black-and-white sets until 1972.

Today is “Bacon Day”!

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