Hoverboard causes fire in SC home, first in state

MAULDIN, SC (WSPA) – Hover boards: they’re the hottest Christmas gift out there. But some of them may be too hot to handle.

Firefighters in Mauldin, SC say they had their first fire caused by one of the toys, and the owners are lucky their home didn’t burn down.

A hover board burned inside of a family’s home in Mauldin Tuesday afternoon. Officials say this is the first reported case of a fire caused by a hover board in the entire state.

Nobody was riding the hover board when it exploded in the house. Officials say the battery actually caused the fire while it was charging.

“The batteries went in one area 15 feet, they blew apart, it disintegrated and it went across the house. They were lucky a fire did not start anywhere else because there were 25 feet away there was charred pieces of battery on the floor melting,” says Lt. Christopher Walker of Mauldin Fire Department.

Walker says this was an off-brand hover board purchased on eBay. He’s not saying all hover boards are at risk, he just wants everyone to know exactly what they’re buying beforehand.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission says as of Monday, there have been 22 reports of fires caused by hover boards among 17 states.

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