Surveillance cameras catch burglary at Detrick’s Car Wash

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – Horry County police responded to Detrick’s Car Wash Tuesday morning for complaints of overnight vandalism and larceny.

A police report states that when officers arrived the owner told them two unknown suspects broke into two pay stations and stole money.

“As I was pulling on the lot, I saw the machines had been broken into and I walked over here and saw that the damage was pretty significant,” President and Owner Darryl Detrick said.

Detrick told News13 the burglars caused $8,000 in damages and got away with $1,300 in cash from the two machines. Detrick says the surveillance cameras will hopefully help with finding out who’s responsible.

“It gives you a peace of mind, and even though we may not always find them, you know who you’re looking for and who you may need to keep an eye out for versus not having any peace of mind at all,” Detrick said.

The repairs will take a couple of days to complete and until then employees have to enter all washes manually, something that slows business.

“Usually we can wash anywhere between 20-80 cars an hour. I can tell you right now we wouldn’t be able to do that at all. So, good thing the weather’s not the best in this situation,” Detrick said.

Detrick also plans to offer a reward and install alarm systems on the pay machines once they’re repaired.

“I really do believe the cameras do the job. I mean, I may add some more. I was talking to my video guy the other day and I said, ‘you can’t ever have enough cameras.'”

If you have any information in connection with this crime, you’re asked to contact Horry County Police at 843-915-5350.

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