Dillon authorities continue to investigate rash of car break-ins

LATTA, SC (WBTW) – Dillon County authorities search for whoever’s committed a number of recent car break-ins.

Authorities in Dillon County are investigating at least 15 car break-ins that were all reported in just a day.

According to Latta Police, the break-in’s happened on Monday on about 7 different streets.

The break-ins took place at the following locations:

  • East Leitner St., Latta
  • Sunset Dr., Latta
  • Bethea St., Latta
  • Maple St., Latta
  • Pine St., Latta
  • West Main St., Latta
  • Elm St., Latta

The Dillon County Sheriff’s office says there were more that happened outside of town limits.

In most cases, vehicles were rummaged through with some items taken and some not.

Latta Police Chief Crystal Moore reposted on her Facebook an incident where shots were fired during one break-in.

Authorities say they do have video and pictures that they say they will release, but note that it’s still an ongoing investigation.

You’re asked to call them if you see any suspicious activity like this.


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