Gym regulars adapt to wave of new resolution exercisers, tips for avoiding the crowds

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A new year could mean a new you, one thing that always seems to be on top of the New Year’s resolutions list is working out.

The wave of new gym goers means a lot more people trying to work out on the same amount of equipment.

The regular’s News13 spoke to changed their habits to make room for all the extra people looking to get in shape for the new year; but they also expressed a desire to help those who got motivated to join, stay motivated to reach their goals.

Last year, Susan Reidy made the New Year’s resolution to get in shape and got a membership to Planet Fitness

“Well it’s debiting out of my account and every time i drive by I think of. Not coming,” said Reidy; and she didn’t, it’s a challenge that goes back some time.

“Working out has always been a struggle for me,” said Reidy.

She say’s it not a lack of commitment, “I have a commitment to food, I have a commitment to a lot of things I really don’t need, but i would love a commitment to working out.”

This year she’s back and bringing in reinforcements, “I have two snow bird friends coming down from New York,” and she’s using those friends as motivation.

“We’re gonna do a 90 day jump start on all three of us for getting some weight off,” said Reidy.

Trainers at Planet Fitness say having a workout buddy is a proven method to keeping up a routine

“Its good to have that accountability partner, to make sure “hey get your workout in,” said employee Cody Clark.

Of course, that can mean more people all at once.

“Today’s actually not too bad, I’m sure tomorrow will be a lot busier, but I plan for it,” said Brian Micklaszewski.

Micklaszewski has been working out for the past 7 years and sees the same boom in attendance every New Years.

“I go to they gym before work a lot of time and with the increase in volume, I either won’t get their on time or won’t finish and I hate having to come back and finish,” said Micklaszewski.

So he comes in early, “4, 4:30, 5 o’clock in the morning to beat the crowds,” he said.

Still he wishes everyone with the hopes of getting in shape, reaches their goal.

“A lot of them fizzle out about a month through but the ones that keep going the more power to them. I’m here to help,” said Micklaszewski.

The trainers at Planet Fitness say expect the gym to stay busy for most of the afternoon especially during after work hours.

Early mornings or later in the evenings are generally a bit less crowded.

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