Have You Heard? – January 2, 2016

Have You Heard, today (1/2) marks the 21st anniversary of the Gamecocks’ first-ever bowl victory.
USC beat West Virginia, 24-21, in the Carquest Bowl in Miami.
Quarterback Steve Taneyhill was the game’s MVP.
Before this game, the Gamecocks were 0-8 in bowl games.
Carolina is 8-4 in bowl games since that start.

Former South Carolina governor Dick Riley is 83 today.
Riley was the first governor to serve two consecutive terms (1979-1987).
He also served as President Clinton’s only U.S. Secretary of Education.
Clinton also approached Riley for a seat on the U.S. Supreme Court but Riley refused. That seat went to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

President Nixon ordered a 55 mph national speed limit 42 years ago today (1/2/1974) to save fuel during the OPEC oil embargo.
That speed limit remained in effect for 21 years.

At the time of the embargo, oil prices were about $11 a barrel.
Oil hit the $100 a barrel mark for the first time eight years ago today (1/2/2008).
Later in 2008, oil topped $145 a barrel, which remains the all-time record.
Oil now trades at around $37 which, when adjusted for inflation, is lower ($7.70) than it was in 1974.

To show you how presidential campaigns have changed, then-Sen. John F. Kennedy (D-MA) announced his candidacy 56 years ago today (1/2/1960).

Today is also “Science Fiction Day,” in honor of what would have been Isaac Asimov’s 96th birthday.

Clifton Wharton will be 90 later this year but 46 years ago today (1/2/1970), he became the first black president of a predominately-white major university, when he became president of Michigan State University.

Today is also “Run It Up the Flagpole and See If Anybody Salutes It Day.”

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