Artistic creation affects the brain differently when trying to express varying emotions

CBS NEWS – A study of jazz pianists shows their brains respond differently when they’re trying to create happy and sad music. University of California researchers found the type of emotion being expressed draws on different parts of the brains creative network. The experiment involved scanning the artists brains while they played a small keyboard. SOURCE – Scientific Reports/MedDay/CBS

A new report says the U.S. is not prepared to deal with children’s medical needs in the event of a crisis.
The American Academy of Pediatrics says many vaccines and drugs stockpiled in case of an emergency are only approved for adults. The group recommends also stockpiling medicine appropriate for kids. SOURCE – Pediatrics/MedDay/CBS

The biggest database for the discovery of cancer drugs is now 3-D. The free British database used by scientists around the globe now shows structures of faulty proteins and maps of cancers communication networks, and will help them more effectively design treatments. 140,000 people have used the resource, from 175 different countries. SOURCE – Nucleic Acid Research/MedDay/CBS

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