Photos released of suspect in Myrtle Beach business burglary

MYRTLE BEACH, (WBTW) – Myrtle Beach Police have released photos of the man they say broke into the same Myrtle Beach business on two different occasions.

Photos of the suspect were posted to the Myrtle Beach Police Department Facebook page, and owners of the business are hoping someone in the community will recognize the thief.

For the second time in two weeks, Custom Care Inc. in Myrtle Beach was broken into and burglarized and the owners think it was the same person. On December 21, the business was broken into. On January 2, the business was burglarized again.

“He knew where to go this time. He knew what he wanted. That’s why it seems like the same guy,” said Chelsea Gartner.

Gartner is a manager at Custom Care Inc., and she says excluding the burglar’s clothing, the guy in the video appears to be the same, but she says the second crime was different.

She explains the thief was more methodical and even brought a crowbar to open the register. However, not much “breaking in” was necessary this time, because the window was still broken from the first burglary.

Both times, the same radios were stolen. Gartner says damages and stolen merchandise totaled about $5,000, a rare situation for the long standing Myrtle Beach business.

“From almost 25 years we’ve only been broken into once in those 25 years, and then this time we’ve been broken into twice by the same person,” said store owner Rich Lombardo.

Lombardo says he has a feeling he might even know who the person is breaking into his store. He says during their more than two decades in business, Custom Care Inc. has always given back to the community. Lombardo says it’s unfortunate because this burglar is essentially taking away their ability to give back this year.

“If you need help, just ask us. Don’t break in, please,” he said.

The first video of the robbery has over 1,000 views on Facebook. Gartner says she is hoping the community can help find this thief.

The case is still under investigation.

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