Planning Commission to study crime and parking in Super Block

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Business owners spoke to the Planning Commission Tuesday about development in the Super Block.

The Super Block includes Nance Plaza and the area bounded by 9th Avenue, Broadway, Highway 501 and Main Street.

Myrtle Beach City Council recently passed an ordinance that allows planning to study zoning uses for the block.

Planning Director Carol Coleman says they’ll be looking at crime numbers, more parking spaces and road realignment. She hopes to work with the community in coming up with a plan that supports Myrtle Beach as a destination.

“I think the first thing that would have to happen is come up with some way in which it’s a more user friendly place to visit, because some times when you pass by now, you blink and you miss it,” said Coleman.

Property owner Michael Hobeika says he’s watched the Super Block slowly decline over the past 20 years and he’s ready to see business turn around.

“That is the heart of the city and if the heart of the city has a stain on it,” stated Hobeika. “We all have a stain and if we want our city to look better we need to start down there in the middle and work from the middle out. We can make it a more beautiful place than it is today.”

The Planning Commission will have until January 1, 2017 to submit zoning recommendations to City Council.

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