Civil rights groups threaten “Midnight Madness” after SC cop released on bond

In this image from video, Walter Scott struggles with police officer Michael Thomas Slager in Charleston, S.C., on April 4, 2015. Moments later, the video shows Slager firing eight shots at Scott's back. Scott's death was shown around the world and he became a symbol of the ongoing debate over police shootings of unarmed African-Americans. (Feidin Santana via AP Images)

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC – Civil rights groups in Charleston are not happy that Michael Slager is out of jail.

The ex-officer charged with killing Walter Scott was released yesterday, and today, groups like the North Charleston NAACP, Charleston Black Lives Matter, and the S.C. National Action Network had a lot to say about it.

They issued threats at a press conference this morning, and tonight, we went to local police and officials to see what they’re doing about it.

The local civil rights groups warned public officials there will be no peace over the next 72 hours. They said there will be, “midnight madness,” and posted a picture on twitter a picture urging people to come to Charleston and meet at midnight at any local courthouse.

Charleston Black Lives Matter supporter, Muhiyidin D’Baha said, “As we walk into these next 72 hours, when there is midnight madness, when there is no peace, ask yourself, ‘Why?’ It’s because there is no justice.”

One woman at the press conference said, “Do not take these as idle threats. A local news reporter asked, “What do you mean, ma’am, in two days…what’s going to happen?” The woman responded, “Wait and see.”

Tuesday night North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey responded to the local civil rights groups’ threats to the community.

Summey told News 2, “We will be prepared for whatever comes. It would be ridiculous on their side to do that because I don’t think they will gain any support. I just think they will lose some of the support they already have.”

The National Action Network, N. Charleston NAACP, Black Lives Matter, and other civil rights groups screamed for justice outside the Charleston jail Tuesday morning.

Slager is out after a judge issued him a $500,000 surety bond on Monday.

On twitter, the Charleston Black Lives Matter account posted about “midnight madness,” but wouldn’t specify what they plan to do.

Elder James Johnson is the S.C. Director of the National Action Network and said, “We are united in this fight and we will fight. We want him back in jail.”

Mayor Summey said it’s out of his control. “We didn’t release the police officer; in fact we locked him up. So that’s something they will have to take up with the court system.”

The National Action Network also calling for North Charleston police chief Eddie Driggers to resign.

Summey told News 2, “It’s not going to happen. Eddie has done a great job and has handled this best we could.”

News 2 reached out to members of Chas. Black Lives Matter but they have not returned our request for comment.

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