Florence activist doesn’t want taxpayer dollars used to house Confederate flag

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Florence Community Activist Pat Gibson-Hye-Moore held a press conference Wednesday afternoon because she believes tax payers of South Carolina shouldn’t be responsible for housing the Confederate Flag.

The commission in charge of the Confederate Relic Room proposed a $3.6 million budget, an amount they feel necessary to house the Confederate Flag.

“I do understand the historical aspect of it. But what I do not understand is why we as tax payers have to keep paying for this flag wherever it is decided at the time,” Gibson said.

Discussions are now underway and some say the money should be used for other matters of importance such as infrastructure, Medicaid and schools.

“Our education is a major problem you know we’re right in the middle of President Obama’s infamous Corridor of Shame” because of our education system,” mentioned Radio Host Bill Pickle.

That is why Gibson is calling on residents in the state to unite so that tax payer dollars won’t be spent

“We paid to put it on top of the state house. We paid to take it down from the statehouse building. We paid to put it on the statehouse grounds. We paid to move it from the statehouse grounds and now they want us to $3.6 million.” Gibson explained.

That $3.6 million is down $1.7 million from the original cost of $5.3 million and leaders in the Pee Dee say tax payers shouldn’t have to foot the bill for something that’s caused havoc among citizens across the state.

South Carolina House Representative Terry Alexander sent news 13 this quote….

“Asking the public to patronize this flag -in which some think it is a racist symbol- and then asking the same people to fund its display is insulting to say the least,” says Alexander.

Which is something Pat Gibson-Hye-Moore says should not come out of taxpayer pockets.

“If they want it in the relic room at the state museum then it should be paid for by those private supporters and donors,” said Gibson.

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