Horry County Council Member tries to make road safer for Carolina Forest High School

CAROLINA FOREST, SC (WBTW) – Horry County Council Member Johnny Vaught is trying to make the road in front of Carolina Forest High School safer for students.

He says he has heard complaints from parents about how dangerous the road is outside the school.

Vaught says the road floods with traffic when parents come to drop off and pick up their children; which is an issue he says because of how fast people are drive when students are crossing the street.

“It probably takes me a good three minutes before I can actually get a time to cross,” said Carolina Forest High School student Jacob Davis. “I have a tiny gap before cars come again, so I have to book it across the street,” he added.

Davis says he’s had a few close calls with cars and he would take any relief from the traffic, like a light, a crosswalk, or a police officer.

“After the football games, they usually have a cop directing traffic which is great. If you can do that after a football game, why can’t you do that at the beginning of school or at the end of school,” said Davis.

Well the answer is pretty simple.

“Ideally we’d like to have a policeman out there, but we can’t afford to put a policeman at every high school. The county just doesn’t have the man power to do that,” said Council Member Johnny Vaught.

Vaught says he knows how dangerous the road is; his daughter goes to the school.

He says what the county has been able to afford is a speed monitor, and have officers occasionally come out to the school.

Vaught says officers issued a few tickets, which slowed down the drivers, but it’s only a temporary fix.

“We can put somebody out there directing traffic, or writing tickets, or whatever, but they go away for two or three months and people forget about it,” said Vaught.

Right now Vaught says he’s talking with Carolina Forest Principal Gaye Driggers, and Horry County School Board member John Poston about their options.

He says they are considering changing the traffic flow pattern, but right now it’s all still just talks and there is no timeline.



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