22 horses seized from SC owner; 2 euthanized by animal control

ORANGEBURG, SC – A woman in Orangeburg with close to two dozen emaciated horses had them all taken away this week after realizing she couldn’t care for them.

Two horses were euthanized by Orangeburg Animal Control and one was found dead when they got to the woman’s property.

When News 2 arrived at animal control and saw the five remaining horses, they appeared hungry, skittish and deadly thin.

Les Porter, Director of the Orangeburg Animal Control said, “We didn’t find them; she asked us to come out and actually look at them. We took in 22, but two had to be euthanized because of medical problems.”

Porter says since the horses were brought to animal control, 15 of them have already been taken to rescue shelters throughout the state to get better, but five horses are remaining. They’ve been marked with numbers on their bridles or paint over their very thin ribs.

Porter told News 2, “All of them were underweight. None of the horses were in good health.”

Animal control officials said the elderly owner acquired the horses over time and was trying to nurse them back to health, but didn’t have the funds to feed them.

“She said that she went to an auction, a horse auction, and a guy gave her a few because she felt sorry for them.”

After one of the horses was found dead at the woman’s property on Sunday, we’re told the national ASPCA came in and has since provided veterinary care to the rest of the horses.

Porter explained, “Instead of, you know, letting them all just start to die she did do the right. She made the right decision to call us.”

Porter says their organization can inspect people who are breeding dogs, but livestock has little regulation.

Right now the horses need to get healthy before any can be adopted.

The owner of the horses surrendered all of them and is not facing any neglect charges at this time.

The director of Orangeburg Animal Controls says because the horses are at rescue shelters, they can receive donations to help nurse them back to health. Donations for the horses can be sent to P.O. Box 9000, Orangeburg, S.C. 29116.

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