Longs residents worried new development could bring more flooding

CONWAY, SC (WBTW) – Dozens of Longs residents attended Horry County Council’s Meeting to express their concerns over increased flooding chances due to a new development.

In October, News 13 covered the damage caused by flooding in the Colonial Charters neighborhood in the Longs area. Carpets and furniture was littered outside of homes as people clean up after the storms.

But damages were just a part of the problems caused by flooding.

“I saw a lot of flooding; where we couldn’t even leave the neighborhood,” said Dreama Hunt.

Hunt lives in Colonial Charter.

She had her sons with her while she spoke to county council about her concerns with the new development.

The plan proposed to council is to add new commercial and residential property to the Village of Baytree area which is a few miles away from where Hunt lives in Colonial Charter.

She worries this new development will make flooding more likely for her home.

“When you purposely build an infrastructure that will cause harm to my family, or my neighborhood, or the homes where I live, it should be concern for everyone that showed up tonight,” said Hunt.

Hunt wasn’t alone. Dozens of people were concerned about flooding in the area.

Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus says people who live in Colonial Charters are in a bad situation for flooding.

“A lot of that area was built prior to us having any land development in place a long time ago and they’ve come now,” said Mark Lazarus.

The new requirements are stricter than what was previously in place.

“This project is exceeding our normal standards by about 20 percent,” said Lazarus.

He tells me the design plans for the Baytree area planned development district may actually improve flooding issues for families in Colonial Charter.

“I don’t think it’s going to increase any more than it does today. What we’re trying to do is lessen it and I think the steps we’re taking will help lessen it,” said Lazarus.

Thursday was only second reading of the proposal.

Horry County Council will have third and final reading at its next council meeting on the 19th.


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