Reassuring news for women who take birth control pills

CBS NEWS – Women who take oral contraceptives either just before or during their pregnancy do not increase their risk of birth defects. That’s the findings of Harvard researchers. They found the number of birth defects was consistent across all pregnant women, regardless of contraceptive use. SOURCE – BMJ/MedDay/CBS

Researchers in London say cutting the sugar content in sugar-sweetened drinks by 40 percent could prevent 1 and a half million overweight and obesity cases over 5 years. The researchers say reducing the sugar in drinks including fruit juices would also prevent 300,000 cases of type 2 diabetes. SOURCE – The Lancet/MedDay/CBS

A new study finds women who enter menopause at 40 or older have a lower risk of depression later in life. Researchers in Greece say older age at menopause means longer exposure to estrogen which could protect against depression. SOURCE- JAMA Psychiatry/MedDay/CBS

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