Residents can expect to feel some relief after standing water pumped from yards

BENNETSVILLE, SC- This past weekend News 13 reported on some families in the Wallace area of Marlboro County whose homes were surrounded by pools of water from the recent rain.

We found out Thursday work began to pump that water away from their homes on Rocky Ridge Road.

When it rain it pours. That’s been the case for homeowner Margrey Brigman who has lived on Rocky Ridge Road for more than twenty years.

“We’re having to travel 5 miles this way or either all of the way to Chesterfield County to take baths,” said Brigman.

In fact the standing water has begun to take its toll on the property.

“Oh my goodness, on land alone, we have had multiple loads of dirt hauled here,” added Brigman.

And for Jody Jones the water has already damaged the inside of his home.

“I’m getting a couple of areas on my floor and the back bedrooms that are getting a little soft,” he said.

So News 13 reached out to state and county officials to find out when residents will get a sigh of relief.

“Many people don’t truly understand that when its private property you just can’t do that. I see it all the time and I have to deal with it quite often with people feeling that you can come in and get the highway department to come in and take care of their property but you just can’t,” explained Marlboro County House Representative Patricia Henegan.

Henegan says she then called the Department of Transportation and got the ball rolling to get the problem taken care of.

“As soon as I found out, I really did not know at first because people were saying have I seen Facebook and I hadn’t. It truly hurt. But I also knew that we had to take action very quickly,” Henegan said.

It was much needed action for residents like Alice Peterkin. Peterkin and her four kids have been living in a hotel for 5 days and on top of that mourning the death of a love one who died this week.

“It’s hard to deal with the death of my brother and deal with this situation, can’t come home really to get no rest, ya know back and forth and it’s wearing me down. I’m really tired,” Peterkin added.

The Wallace Fire Department started pumping water from the yards of residents on Rocky Ridge Road Thursday evening.

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