Henry Timrod Elementary thinking year-round schedule

FLORENCE, SC (WBTW) – Henry Timrod Elementary in Florence County is exploring the idea of going to a year-round schedule.

Timrod Elementary is home to 430 students and serves kindergarten through sixth grade.

The year-round proposal was brought up in September by Timrod Elementary Principal Michelle McBride.

McBride says the change will not only bring about positive change to the staff but parents and students as well.

“Our students need that balanced calendar where we go for nine weeks and off for three weeks and its consistent,” explained McBride.

And with frequent breaks throughout the year, teachers like Nicole Scott say the proposal will make student lives less stressful and give teachers a break too.

“I think it’s going to be a great thing for our kids and it will help them because they’re not going to have that huge break during the summer,” said Scott.

After surveying parents, teachers, and staff in December on their thoughts of the proposal, McBride says she found out that out of 275 parents, 81% were in favor of the idea.

“For our parents it gives them flexibility with vacations and doctor appointments,” McBride said.

McBride says she will be working to gather additional resources to bring forth to the school board to make the proposal a success.

“The board would like to see us do a little more leg work on how all of the departments is going to make this a seamless transaction for Timrod to implement a year round calendar,” she added.

If the proposal is approved then there will be a few students selected to come back for an academic program during one of the three weeks students are off.

Count on News 13 to keep you covered on the outcome of that meeting next month.

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