Why melanoma could be even more dangerous for pregnant women

CBS NEWS – New research finds women diagnosed with melanoma during pregnancy or the year after have a greater risk of the cancer recurring or spreading, even death. The Cleveland Clinic study looked at hundreds of medical records of young women. Researchers say hormones or changes in the immune system during pregnancy may drive the cancer. SOURCE – Cleveland Clinic/MedDay/CBS

A new test could help doctors determine a person’s risk for dementia. London researchers used records from hundreds of thousands of patients to develop a formula that predicts the risk of being diagnosed with dementia within 5 years. Researchers say the test worked well in people 60 to 79 but ?not patients over 80. SOURCE – University College London/MedDay/CBS

A new study shows patients treated in hospitals with the best nursing care have much lower rates of dying after surgery. The study published in JAMA Surgery compared patients at more than 300 hospitals. SOURCE – JAMA Surgery/MedDay/CBS

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