Flooded neighborhood has a history of drainage problems

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Horry County officials say the Belle Grove area of Carolina Forest was one of the worst-hit areas during the October floods. News 13 dug through a series of inspections that show the neighborhood has a history of drainage problems.

Inspectors filed the reports 10 years ago, but some residents wonder if the problems were ever fixed.

Belle Grove resident Linda McHugh says the flood in October was unlike anything she’s ever seen before.

“We were spared the house unlike my two neighbors who were totally destroyed,” said McHugh.

Her neighbor was forced to move out. A storage pod holding all of his belongings still sits in the driveway four months later.

According to McHugh, the sewer was not working during the flood.

Documents from Horry County Public Works show the problems started as early as 2003, when storm water inspectors asked builders to fix a low spot found at the back of Coffee Tree Court.

Coffee Tree Court and Hickory Oak Court failed several Horry County road inspections from 2003-2006. Residents says both cul-de-sacs flooded in 2015.

The reports note a variety of issues including sunken asphalt, damaged curbs and clogged drains.

“The failed inspections have nothing to do with the drainage system,” said Horry County Storm Water Manager Tom Garigen.

He says it’s not unusual for a subdivisions to fail an inspection during the construction phase. According to Garigen, the drainage system could not handle the amount of rain that fell in October.

“We are still investigating and looking at all the drainage systems in that area to prevent this from happening again,” he said.

News 13 reached out to the engineer and builder for Bell Grove, but did not hear back.

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