Thieves target Horry County neighborhoods in recent car break-ins

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The Horry County Police Department posted to Facebook that officers have been responding to a significant number of break-ins to cars and thefts from cars in residential neighborhoods.

Police say these break-ins are taking place without forced entry, which means that the car owner(s) forgot to lock the car doors.

Lieutenant Raul Denis says they’ve responded to upwards of 300 car break-ins in the past few months and 80 this month so far. He says these are preventable crimes.

“So we’re trying to get the word out to people to check their cars. Double check your car before you go to bed at night especially. But lock you car, get into the habit of locking your car like you would put on your seat-belt when you get in your car,” Denis said.

Police add the thieves are targeting neighborhoods in Socastee and on the south end of the strand in Garden City.

Those who live in the Tern Hall Community say they are keeping a watchful eye out for unfamiliar faces.

“One of them kept looking over here at me and I went and got my 22 that I kill snakes with. Make sure they seen it and laid it on the table and they went their separate ways,” Jimmy Dobbs said.

In addition the community looks to social media to keep residents informed of what goes on around them.

“We have a Facebook page and they kind of keep you informed around the neighborhood and I have heard of some car break-ins,” Terry Coggins said.

In the Facebook post, police say to please double-check your cars to make sure they’re locked before retiring for the night and do not give a thief the opportunity to make you a victim.

Police will also have additional patrols in the areas they noticed are being targeted.

“We are. We are because we know it’s an issue but you know we don’t have unlimited resources so we can’t be everywhere at once,” Denis said.

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