Darlington police search for man who ran from officer

DARLINGTON, SC (WBTW) – Darlington Police arrested two people after an officer said a man ran away from him early Tuesday morning near a store.

An officer said he was checking the Markette on Cashua Ferry Road around 1:00 a.m. when he noticed a man wearing dark clothing carrying a large duffel bag. The officer said the man ran away when he tried to approach him. Police called the Darlington County Bloodhound Team to come and help track the man, and while officers searched the area, they found a car with another man sitting in it, and the man in the car said he was waiting for a friend.

A few hours later, a woman called 911 to say someone showed up at her door covered in mud and asking for a ride. Officers showed up, chased the man to the Corner Connection at Cashua Ferry Road, and eventually caught him.

Police arrested the two men and both are charged with attempted burglary.  They are 27-year-old Kevin Dextraze and 29-year-old Malik Dominick, both from Gresham.

They are in jail at the Darlington County Detention Center.



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