Doctors perform surgery on wrong baby, reports say

Baby Nate in his mother's arms WTVF (Courtesy of CBS)

A doctor at a Lebanon, Tennessee, hospital is accused of performing surgery on the wrong baby, according to

Jennifer Melton gave birth to a “perfect, healthy, and beautiful” baby, Nate Melton, at University Medical Center, she says.

Melton told CBS that a doctor performed a frenulectomy, which involves cutting a flap of skin from under the child’s tongue.

Nate’s parents fear that he will have speech or eating problems as a result of this procedure.

“It’s recklessness. There’s no excuse for cutting on a healthy child. There’s no excuse for mixing up babies at a hospital,” the Meltons’ attorney Clint Kelly told CBS.

CBS says the “University Medical Center declined to comment specifically on what happened for this story, citing federal privacy regulations.”

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