Is it time to cut the cord on cable TV?

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MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) — How much is your monthly cable bill? You’ve likely heard friends or co-workers talking about vegging out on Netflix for an entire weekend or streaming their favorite shows through Hulu, leaving you thinking it may be time to cut cable and cut your monthly costs.

HBO, DVR and ESPN: By the time you tack on what many consider basic features, these days families are easily shelling out $100 a month for cable.

A Roku streaming device, Sling TV and an antenna managed to get Christopher Newhouse a much cheaper bill.

“We’re paying about $50 a month now,” Newhouse says.

(Image Source: Pixabay)
A 2015 report from BGR states the average cable bill has increased by nearly 40% in 5 years. (Image Source: Pixabay)

He added Sling TV because he says “it’s basically like Netflix for cable.” The streaming service allows Newhouse to get access to extra sports channels, the Food Network and other cable favorites.

Newhouse also has Netflix and an antenna to get the network channels.

“You can’t always watch everything you want, but there’s still so much you can watch,” Newhouse clarifies.

A 2015 report from BGR states the average cable bill has increased by nearly 40% in 5 years. The average cable bill hit a record $99.10 in 2015, which is up 39 percent from 2012.

Don’t be too upset if you’re among the cable customers still shelling out $100+ a month for services, as 81% of homes are still subscribed to a cable provider, according to BGR. However, if you were to scrap cable and spend $8 a month on Netflix or Hulu, you could save nearly $1,100 a year.



The Price: $7.99-$11.99 a month

Netflix is a streaming service that provides a variety of movies, TV episodes and documentaries. Viewers will not see any commercials while using Netflix. However, there might be the occasional ad for a Netflix original. Netflix is available on your TV, any computer, or Windows, iPhone and Android phones. All that is needed is the Netflix App. First-time customers can try the service for free for one month.


The Price: $7.99-11.99 a month

Hulu is similar to Netflix. However, the streaming service allows viewers to watch current season TV-shows. Customers have the option to add on Showtime. Depending on the subscription viewers will see commercials. Unlike Netflix, the free-trial is only a week.


The Price: $20 a month

Sling TV allows viewers to watch live TV on a variety of channels like HGTV and ESPN at a low price. Customers can add more channels by choosing packages. Most packages like sports and kids, are $5 more. However, to add HBO to your plan it will cost $15 extra. The service offers Spanish language channels. Viewers can use the service on computers, gaming consoles, mobile devices and TVs.

Amazon Prime

The Price: $99 a year

You can use Amazon Prime for more than receiving a packing at the speed of light. The service provides movies and episodes of your favorite TV shows at your fingertips. Customers can add on subscriptions like Showtime, Starz, Comedy Central, Lifetime Movie Club and more. The service is available on more than 600 devices.



The Price: $149-199

Apple TV allows viewers to watch the streaming service of their choice on TV. The device allows a TV to work like a phone or tablet by using apps. Viewers turn on the device and click on the app of the streaming service to watch movies or shows. You can also download apps from Apple’s App Store for channels such as WATE 6 On Your Side, ABC News, and ESPN. The App Store provides episodes of TV shows and movies too.


The Price: starts at $49.99

Roku allows viewers to watch thousands of shows and movies from Netflix, Hulu and multiple channels. You only need a TV and a Roku device. However, in order to use Hulu or Netflix a viewer needs a subscription. Also, viewers can rent or buy movies and TV episodes.

Amazon Fire TV

The Price: $39.99-$139.99

Viewers can watch Amazon Video, Hulu and Netflix with Amazon Fire.The device offers live TV and you can watch more than 3,000 channels. Amazon Fire has gaming capabilities and can play music.

Google Chromecast

The Price: $35

Google Chromecast allows viewers to watch TV, movies and play games by using their phone as the remote. Simply connect the device to your phone and the HDMI port of your TV. Popular streaming services are available on the device.

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