TX dad leaves autistic toddler in abandoned house to go to strip club, police say

Lee Samuel Dobbins (Austin Police Department Photo)

PFLUGERVILLE, TX — A 35-year-old Pflugerville father is accused of abandoning and endangering his three-year-old severely autistic son when he left him alone to go to a strip club, according to police.

The arrest affidavit states Lee Samuel Dobbins is believed to have intentionally left his child alone in an abandoned house while he went to the Yellow Rose strip club in Austin on Feb. 6.

Pflugerville police were notified of the danger to a child by a woman who identified herself as the co-worker of the child’s mother. The woman told police the boy’s mother was out-of-town visiting her mother dying of cancer in New York. The mother reportedly called her co-worker and the nanny after she saw a withdraw of $300 at a strip club from her fiancee Samuel Dobbins’ account.

The mother explained in the affidavit that Dobbins broke up with her while she was away; telling her “I get off at six. I’m not going to sit at home being bored.”

When officers arrived at the house they found the nanny who said she was given permission by the mother to enter the house through an open window. She showed the officers inside the home, where they discovered the toddler asleep on a large bed without railings on the second story of the house, according to the affidavit.

Dobbins’ vehicle was found by police in the strip club parking lot around 1:32 a.m. He is charged with intentionally abandoning a child, which put his son in danger.

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