Bush answers Murrells Inlet community questions at Town Hall style meeting

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WBTW) – Wednesday, Jeb Bush had a town hall meeting at the VFW in Murrells Inlet that was so crowded the fire marshal forced about a hundred people into an overflow room.

South Carolina Senator and former presidential candidate Lindsey Graham introduced Jeb Bush and spoke on his support for the candidate while Bush greeted the people who couldn’t fit in the small VFW space.

Bush says he respects Graham’s ideas on national defense and it’s something he feels needs attention in America.

“The world is really dangerous right now,” said Bush.

Bush officials said he chose the VFW as his venue because of the importance of the military to him and his family.

He said he wants to see more changes than just strengthening our country’s defense.

“When I’m President of the United States, heads will roll outside the department of veteran’s affairs until we get the respect that veterans deserve,” said Bush.

He also spoke on his competition inside the Republican Party; taking shots at Donald Trump’s campaigning style.

“We have an entertainer, and reality TV star, larger than life, gifted beyond belief in so many ways in terms of his own ego,” said Bush.

As well as outside the party focusing on Hillary Clinton’s email issues while she was Secretary of State

“She didn’t tell the truth and what I know to be true is she put her ambitions first at the expense of dedicated people that serve in the state department and our country,” said Bush.

But he spent most of his time on questions and answers from the public. Some people walked out after some of his answers.

Bush told News 13 while not everyone may be in favor of his politics he’s not changing his stance just to fit popular opinion

“That would be a miserable existence. Imagine a politician who tries to mirror how people think all the time. We have a few of them it must be confusing for them,” said Bush.

Thursday Bush has another town hall in Florence at 1:15 pm at the Venus Pancake House.

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