Community Activist and Myrtle Beach Mayor argue over violence in the community

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – A community activist got into a heated argument with Myrtle Beach’s mayor over violence in the community and who needs to take responsibility for it.

According to Myrtle Beach Police, there were eight murders that happened within the city limits in the last year.

Tim McCray and several other community activists took these issues to Myrtle Beach City Council this week.

However, Mayor John Rhodes says the community is part of the problem and needs to start communicating more with police.

“I mean we got someone sitting in the front row that didn’t report an incident for three hours after it happened,” said Rhodes in reference to McCray.

“Looking at a young man hanging out a window; shooting, was a shock to me. For you to say that I didn’t report it that’s a lie,” said McCray.

McCray grew up in the Futrell Park neighborhood where the drive-by shooting they are referring to happened late last December.

McCray says he went to city council looking for help and did not get the response he expected.

“Someone to say that I would see an incident; that I would not report it, and I’m a part of the problem, that’s offensive to me,” he said.

This drive-by in Futrell Park is just one of many incidents in Myrtle Beach

McCray says the drive-by shooting in December is not even the most recent incident; another shooting happened in January around the same area.

Now McCray say he’s back to square one on how to deal with this issue.

“The community is upset. They’re upset.  They’re ready to organize and that’s what we’re going to do. The mayor challenged and said we need to put boots on the ground,” said McCray.

News 13 left a voicemail for Mayor John Rhodes today on his cell phone and went down to city hall; however he was not there and did not return to our calls to comment on this story.


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