Carolina Forest residents concerned about neighborhood crime

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – The Carolina Forest Civic Association will hold a meeting Wednesday night to discuss crime in Carolina forest.

People in the Carolina Forest neighborhood say it’s a nice place to live, but lately they’ve seen more and more crime. They plan to bring up several concerns at Wednesday’s meeting.

Neighbors say they see suspicious people in neighborhoods, there’s car break-ins, home invasions, robberies and even potential drug trafficking. During the Christmas season, a few people had lights stolen off their houses.

People living in Carolina Forest say they aren’t so worried about missing items, instead, it’s the invasion of privacy and not having peace of mind.

While this meeting is in the Carolina Forest area, the president of the Carolina Forest Civic Association wants to change crime rates everywhere.

“Crime in Carolina Forest is not unique to just Carolina Forest. We see crime issues happening along the Grand Strand, Pine Lakes, 38th Avenue, we see it happening in Aynor, in Surfside, along 544. We see it in all kinds of areas,” reports Carole vanSickler.

Speeding is another concern that will be discussed.

In the Waterford Plantation neighborhood, many people are concerned about drivers speeding through the neighborhood. Even though there are several speed bumps along this road, neighbors report drivers still fly through the area.

The neighborhood used to be quiet, but that was before Gardner Lacy road opened.

“They come down here at 40, 50 miles an hour, especially between three and four, that’s when the high school lets out on Gardner Lacy, and these kids come down and they’re like this far apart, bumper to bumper, it’s crazy. When you walk your dog and you got kids in strollers, it’s not fun,” explains Waterfor Plantation resident Brian O’Brien.

Residents say drivers including parents taking their kids to school, kids cutting through the neighborhood when they get out of school and contractors who want to avoid 501 go through the community. People say it’s not just a noise problem, but a safety issue as well.

The meeting will be Wednesday night at the Carolina Forest Recreation Center at 6 p.m. Chief Saundra Rhodes with the Horry County Police Department will be there to hear concerns voiced by community members.


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