Rubio says democrats don’t want to run against him at North Myrtle Beach town hall

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) – Tuesday, Marco Rubio spoke to about a thousand people at The Barefoot Resort Conference Center in North Myrtle Beach; he says he is the only candidate who can beat the Democratic Party.

Marco Rubio’s Town Hall Tuesday was more like a party with music and even some people hitting the floor to shag. It was North Myrtle Beach after all, and representatives from the city as well as the state were there to back Rubio.

“He’s the most articulate, and most passionate, and the most knowledgeable person we have in the field,” said South Carolina Republican Senator Tim Scott.

Rubio officials said the main point he wanted to hit at the town hall is that he is the conservative candidate who can beat the democrats.

“The democrats attack me five or six times for every time they attack somebody else; because they don’t want to run against me. I can’t wait to run against them though and I want you to give me that chance,” said Rubio.

Rubio also focused on the need to strengthen the military, how to deal with national debt, and what he called President Obama’s role in where our country currently stands

“The reason why this president is a failure is because he is a terrible commander and chief,” said Rubio.

Rubio says voters may not always agree with his decisions, but he’ll always have America’s best interest in mind.

Many voters came undecided to the event, but left with different opinions.

“I just think he’s the one,” said Gail Lyle.

Lyle says she was leaning towards Rubio, but Tuesdays’ town hall sealed her vote.

However not everyone left with the same confidence

“I think that was like a politician that breezed it off,” said Phyllis Frangione.

Frangione approached Rubio after the debate on the issue of veterans rights and pro-choice, but was not happy with the answers she got.

Many other people say they’re still trying to figure out who they will vote for to run our country.

Rubio will be in the Charleston area Wednesday morning for another town hall and then in Aiken and ending the day in Chapin.


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