A new study finds overdose deaths from common sedatives have also surged in recent years

CBS NEWS – Overdose deaths from common sedatives have quadrupled during the past 20 years. Thats according to researchers from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The study found in 75 percent of the fatal overdoses, the sedatives were taken along with opioid painkillers and or alcohol. SOURCE – American Journal of Public Health/MedDay/CBS

A large 10 year study finds stenting and surgery are equally effective when it comes to lowering the long-term risk of a stroke from a narrowed carotid artery. Researchers from the Mayo clinic say the two procedures were equally beneficial in both older and younger patients as well as in male and female patients. SOURCE – New England Journal of Medicine/MedDay/CBS

One in three adults do not get enough sleep according to new government statistics. Sleep experts recommend adults 18-60 years old sleep at least 7 hours each night for good health. The CDC says South Dakota had the highest sleep rates, Hawaii had the lowest. SOURCE – CDC/MedDay/CBS

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