Trump talks Pope, Apple boycott, and calls candidates cheaters in Pawleys Island

PAWLEYS ISLAND, SC (WBTW) – Friday Donald Trump made one final stop along the Grand Strand in Pawleys Island before Saturday’s Primary election; and he hit on topics ranging from political spending to boycotting Apple.

Hundreds of people were packed into one of the conference rooms at Pawleys Plantation, but the lines to get into the room stretched outside for hundreds of feet outside of the building.

Donald Trump started his rally with some of the basics he’s focused on for months.

“The illegals that come into the country are treated better than our vets,” he said right off the bat.

Trump then moved his focus to his competitors in the Republican Party, specifically Ted Cruz, who according to recent polls is only a few points behind him in South Carolina.

“I actually won Iowa and if the Republican Party had any guts they would have terminated Cruz from that election because honestly he cheated like a dog. He holds up the Bible and then he cheats,” said Trump.

But Cruz was not the only candidate in Trump’s crosshairs.

He also mentioned he is the only person that is “self-funding his campaign” and other republican candidates aren’t as good with their money.

“In new Hampshire I spent $3 million. Bush spent $44 million. I came in first in a landslide and he {Bush} was at the bottom of the pack. Now who do you want as your president,” said Trump.

Trump also talked about the fight between Apple and the government and the company’s refusal to give cellphone information on alleged San Bernardino killers.

“You know what I think you ought to do, boycott Apple; until such time as they give that security number. How do you like that? I just thought of that. Boycott Apple. Here’s the thing, first of all, the phone is not even owned by this young thug that killed all these people. The phone is owned by the government, okay. It’s not even his phone don’t even have to go that far,” said Trump

He’s also faced scrutiny from the Catholic Church and Pope Francis for his plan to build a wall between Mexico and America, but Trump says things are not as they seem in the headlines.

“When The Pope came out he heard the Mexico side of the story and today he was very nice. You probably heard he put out a message to clean things up, but I will say The Pope is great and he’s a very nice man, but we have to have a boarder,” said Trump

Trump took questions from many in the crowd, and said he couldn’t choose which democrat he would rather run against and wishes he could face both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Trump finished his day down in North Charleston after the Pawleys Island rally.

He told everyone in attendance he doesn’t want their money just their vote in Saturday’s primary.

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