Free tax help for Horry County


MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WBTW) The thought of having to file your taxes can be a daunting task for many people.

That’s not the case for Utocqua Grissett.

“I love it,” Grissett said. “My mother dreaded tax season though.”

After learning how to do a simple return in her 10th grade economics class at Conway High School, Utocqua’s career with numbers and taxes began when she filled out the forms for her mother.

“It was simple, all you do is put the numbers on a piece of paper,” Grissett said. “You add subtract, you read a table and you determine what tax liability is. The concept was easy, I loved mathematics, I fell right into it. I had a good time with it, personally I didn’t see what the problem is.”

She now works at Wells Fargo Bank in Myrtle Beach in the Business Banking Division. Her love of numbers and assisting others with their taxes continues as she volunteers as part of the Horry County Financial Literacy Coalition, helping low to moderate income families and individuals file their taxes for free.

“It is so fulfilling to help someone,” Grissett said. “The thought that they can’t do it and to have someone volunteer their time and come in and do it for them for free, the tax payers are so grateful.”

The program is made possible by businesses and volunteers from all across the community, providing a free service that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars for people who need it the most.

“We have repeat customers who say see you next year and I say I don’t know if I am volunteering next year but o-k,” Grissett said.

For more information on times and locations as well as what you need to bring you can click on the flyer at the top of the story.

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