Kid volunteers collect money to get clean water to Flint, Michigan

MURRELLS INLET, SC (WBTW) – Crowds enjoyed nice weather Saturday at the third annual Taste of the Marshwalk.

People sampled food from different restaurants on the Inlet, vendors showcased goods and there was plenty to do for the kids.

That included lessons on lending a hand for the less fortunate, as Alexa Bean and Liliana Burzler spent their day on the Marshwalk raising money to bring clean drinking water to the people of Flint, Michigan.

“We have our kids out here giving out balloons for a donation to help these families,” said Danielle Burns.

Lead leaching into the pipes of its water system has the city making national headlines, and spurred Burns to action.

“I don’t even know one person in the state but when I read the Time magazine article about the poisoning of an American city, I said we live here in this beautiful community surrounded by water I couldn’t imagine if our children couldn’t play in the Inlet,” said Burns.

Burns says high school students gathered hundreds of cases of bottled water that will be delivered to families in Flint in mid March.

To pay for the delivery costs, she came out to the Taste to raise money.

“With the support of this community and these businesses we have no doubt we will get to Flint,” said Burns.

Burns enlisted her own kids to help kids in need, “we started this because the children in flint are suffering.”

She also hopes it instills values in them that last a lifetime, “its never too early to teach children to have a heart for others, theres no better thing to teach your kids for the future.’

Burns said she was hoping to raise over $400 dollars through donations over the weekend to help cover transportation costs.

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