Parking changes likely for the north end of Ocean Blvd.

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW)-It’s about time to grab your towel and flip flops and head to the beach. You may be used to parking for free on the north end of Ocean Boulevard but that could be changing soon. City officials say parking on the north end is unorganized and want to make changes before the start of tourist season.

It’s also less than ideal for the people who live in the area. City officials have made several proposals to change the parking along the boulevard to improve the area before the summer. Though leaders haven’t decided on a permanent solution  yet, many people do not like the current proposals.

“We’ve talked about organizing the parking in the residential section. Allowing parking on the west side of the boulevard but no parking on the east side of the boulevard. Putting bicycle lanes in, charging for parking by a park by phone situation for those non-decal holders, allowing decal only parking up in the avenues. It would really bring some organization to what has been a haphazard parking situation,” said Mark Kruea.

Another proposal would allow people who live in the area, like in Carolina Forest, to buy a non-city resident parking pass that would allow them to park in non-residential parking. The decal would cost $100 for the season.

If you want to go to the meeting, it is Tuesday at 6 p.m. in council chambers.

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